Ms. Aaron - Math

Before Christmas, we got

permission to do a

combination of EngageNY

and Saxon math.

It seems to be going well.  

Contact me if you have any


Students still do NOT

 have a math book.

All of their materials

 will be in their math binder.

Upcoming assignments are

listed on the Math Calendar.

Click on the link to the left.

Extra Credit:


Bring me a math related cartoon that I don’t already have on the bulletin board. Limit one per student per day.

Extra Credit:


Math graphs and other worksheets are always available on the back desk. All make-up work must be completed before extra credit will be granted.

Information for Parents:

All work except for tests can be corrected and turned back in for full credit.

Tutoring opportunities are available. Study buddies is a program through which we can arrange for one-on -one or small group study.

SSP (Student Support Program) is another option that is available. Students can be recommended by teachers. Appropriate paperwork must be filled out for students to participate. This program meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30. Transportation from this program must be arranged by parents, no bus is available following this program.

If additional help is needed in math, please contact me. I am available before school and after school to answer math questions, but we need to make arrangements in advance. 

I am also able to answer questions from home via email, so if you get stuck on a problem, send me a message.