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INDEPENDENT READING PROJECTSare due the last week of the quarter. Students should have their first Say Something by Thanksgiving and two more by Christmas.

Second Quarter:  Free choice-anything you like at your reading level that you have NOT read before.

Third Quarter:  Non-fiction that you have NOT read before.

Fourth Quarter:  Classic (Jane Eyre, Little Women, Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn)


  1. You will need to read one book each quarter on your own time.CAP will be the perfect time!
  2. You will also need to complete the following for each quarter for the book that you read:
    1. You need to complete FIVE Say Somethingsthat encompass the whole book.
    2. You also need to write TWO Questions for each Say Something.These questions should be thought provoking and not have an obvious answer but should evoke meaningful thought.Examples could be questioning the author.Why he chose a particular setting or why the author took the character in a specific direction?
  3. The written requirements of the above two sections do not need to be typed.Paragraphs should be 5 to 8 sentences.The book’s author and title must appear boldly on the assignment.While the assignment will be due at the end of the quarter, there will be homework checks during the quarter.




  • Predict – state possible outcomes with support from the book.
  • Clarify – make a statement to clear up understanding.
  • Universal Theme – make a statement including the universal theme of the book.
  • Comment – make a statement about the book, and it’s your opinion.
  • Connection – make a statement relating to text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world.


    Include quotes and specific parts of the book, such as page numbers.


  1. You will need to complete a project for the book that you selected as well as assignment writing.See the Independent Reading Project Choices hand out for your options on the project.


Due dates will be announced in class, but don’t wait for that announcement before starting to read.  Keep reading all along the way.



All written requirements must be typed.  A paragraph must be 5-8 sentences each.  The book’s author and title must appear boldly on the project.  Each book you read must have a different project than the previous quarter.

  1. ILLUSTRATIONS:Pretend that you are working as an illustrator for this book.
    1. Make a series of four drawings for the book.Your drawings can be about the sequence of events, main characters, themes, settings, or a combination of those.
    2. Place an appropriate quote from the novel, which relates to the drawing, at the bottom of each drawing.Include the page number the quote comes from.
    3. In one to two paragraphs typed for each illustration, explain the importance of the drawing.Tell why you chose to draw it, including its importance in the book.
  2. SOUNDTRACK:Create a soundtrack that compliments the novel.
    1. Divide the book you just read into at least four sections.For each section, select a piece of music that you thinkcaptures the mood, tone, or events of each section.
    2. Record the pieces, in order, on CD.
    3. For each song, provide a typed, thorough explanation of how that musical selection relates to the section of the book it represents.
    4. Include the titles of the songs as well as the artists.
  3. POETRY:Create poetry that responds to the book.
    1. Write five original poems in response to the novel.The poems can be about the characters, the setting, events, conflicts, themes, or mood of the novel.
    2. Each poem should be typed, titled, and must be at least 50 words long or 25 lines.
    3. For each poem, provide a typed, thorough explanation of how that poem relates to the section of the book it represents.
  4. LETTER TO THE AUTHOR:Write a letter to the author of the book.
    1. In the letter include what ideas you think s/he was trying to explore in this book.Mention specific things about the book questions, things you liked or did not like, things you related to, things that you learned, important events, characters, etc.
    2. This should not be a summary of the book, but should address the previous expectations.
    3. This should be typed one to two pages, single-spaced.
  5. ORIGINAL SONG:Compose a song.
    1. Compose an original piece of music that expresses some aspect or aspects of the book.Consider literary elements such as character, theme, conflict, mood, tone, etc.
    2. The song can be instrumental or it can have lyrics.
    3. Write two to three paragraphs that explain what aspects of the book the song expresses.
    4. If you write lyrics, they must accompany the explanation.
    5. Plan to perform the song in class, or videotape it and bring the tape to class.
  6. INTERVIEW:Interview one of the characters from the book.
    1. Pretend you are a reporter or magazine writer.Compose 15 questions to ask a main character in your book.These questions are designed to reveal what the character is like, as well as main exploring main events, conflicts, setting, and theme issues.
    2. Then as the character you are interviewing, write a response to each question.Be sure the responses contain enough information and detail to prove you knowledge and understanding of the book.Try to really capture the character’s style of talking and his or her personality in your answers.
    3. This should be about two pages, typed, single-spaced.
  7. DEAR DIARY:Create a diary of a character from your book.
    1. As a main character in your book, create at least five diary entries the character might have written during the course of the book.
    2. Include details of events, people, setting, conflicts, etc.Since this is a diary, you should write about the emotions your character would be feeling, opinions, etc.
    3. This should be about two pages, typed, single-spaced.
  8. OH DRAMA:Write your own play.
    1. Choose a scene in the novel and create a One Act play.
    2. Be sure to set the scene as well as a list of characters in the scene as well as stage directions.
    3. Be prepared to perform for the class.
    4. Performances must be done in full character, which includes costumes.
  9. NEW IDEA:Your own!
    1. If you have an idea for a project that is not on this list, submit to me a written proposal (it does not have to be typed) describing your idea.
    2. I will consider all proposals, but will only accept ones that are well planned, creative, and which can fully express your response to the book.If I do accept your idea, YOU MUST attach the proposal to your project.I will not accept the project without the proposal!


The Lightning Thief Week Vocabulary Weeks 1-3 

The Lightning Thief Vocabulary Weeks 4-6

List 4 is for the week of October 28. 
List 5 is for the week of November 4.
List 6 is for the week of November 18.

No list for Veteran's Day week.


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