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Class Description
Casey's Tech-Ed class provides an active learning environment for career exploration and basic computer knowledge and skills. As students advance from grade to grade, curriculum, projects, and goals become more challenging and provide opportunities to develop critical thinking, effective communication, team collaboration, and creativity. 

Curriculum Overview

Sixth grade students learn basic computer and software functions such as keyboarding, file and folder manipulation, and safe effective practices for using the internet. 
Seventh grade projects focus on productivity and multi-media software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suites, and online collaboration tools. Students will also learn the basic structure of computer networks, the internet, and computer hardware components. 
Eighth grade students that choose Tech-Ed will build on previous grade lessons and move to a higher level of video, audio, and productivity projects. A major portion of time is also dedicated to career orientation and education.

Curriculum Standards

The underlying foundation for our course curriculum is the International Society for Technology in Education and the Illinois Learning Standards. Additional emphasis is placed on career and life essential skills as outlined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

Class Notification 
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