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Graduation for the Casey Middle School 2020

Graduation for the Casey Middle School 2020 graduates will be held on May 30th, 2020 throughout the day. We love our Casey graduates, and wish we could give them a traditional ceremony, however, we have to follow the state and health department guidelines we were given. Graduates will come at assigned times throughout the day, based on their CAP class. Families will drive their students to the front of the new Casey gym at their designated hour. Only the student will leave the car, walk up to the presentation area where they will receive their diploma and have their picture taken to be used to create a Graduation slideshow that will be posted to the Casey website in June. Please carefully read and follow the directions and procedures below. A list of times for students to come is listed at the end. Students should only come during their listed time frame as we have to follow strict social distancing guidelines.

1. Traffic should begin at the Hall School parking lot and proceed driving in single file from east to west in front of the Casey new gym on Casey avenue. When the car reaches the front of the Casey gym, only the student can get out and walk up to the presentation area to receive the diplomas. We will have only one student in the presentation area at a time. The student will then return to the car and the family must leave the school. We are not allowed to have people congregating outside of the school. We will have staff outside helping to direct you.

2. When the student enters the presentation area, Mrs. McGreer and Mr. Williams will greet them. The student will pick up their diploma from a table, and then have their picture taken. If the student is a valedictorian, they will receive a plaque and have a separate picture taken for valedictorian recognition.

3. The student will then leave the presentation area, return to their car and leave. The next student will then be prompted to exit their car and walk up to the presentation area.

4. Restrooms will not be available.

5. Cap and gowns must be picked up by May 22nd in order to participate. We ordered cap and gowns for all 8th graders. The cost is $29. Please bring exact cash or check to the office to pick up between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. any weekday. TAG and BETA ropes may be purchased for an additional $10 each.

6. Graduates and staff working should follow all government guidelines regarding social distancing.

7. All pictures, along with graduation remarks, will be posted on the Casey website in June.

Schedule – Graduates should only come during their scheduled times:

8:00 am – Mrs. Piercy’s CAP class

9:00 am – Mr. Sierfert’s CAP class

10:00 am – Mr. Knaak’s CAP class

11:00 am – Mrs. Bierman’s and Mrs. Rice’s CAP class

12:00 pm – Mr. Aaron’s CAP class

1:00 pm – Mrs. Capps’ CAP class

2:00 pm – Mr. Maurer’s CAP class

3:00 pm – Mr. Mellot’s and Mr. Staples' CAP class

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Zadok Casey Middle School exists to promote the educational growth and well-being of our students, staff, and community.

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On behalf of myself and the staff of Zadok Casey Middle School, I would like to express our sincere hope that each student has a successful and enriching middle school experience. Our goal is to encourage and support each student to help instill an intrinsic love of learning and promote the qualities that support positive growth and development. Our school philosophy is "Respect Yourself - Respect Others - Respect Property". We believe in fair and consistent management that encourages students to be responsible and respectful. Casey Middle School strives to create an environment that builds courtesy, kindness, and respect for all.

Essential to developing a strong partnership between home and school is communication. Please feel free to make an appointment to meet with your child's team of teachers. Also, check your student's agenda book each night for information about homework and upcoming activities. We all have a responsibility for the success of our students - working together is essential for helping each child reach their potential.

Please remember that daily attendance is critical for academic success. Being on time and prepared for school will result in increased student achievement.

I am thankful to work with your child each day. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Zadok Casey Principal, Ms. McGreer