2017-2018 School Supply Lists

6 large boxes of Kleenex or Puffs – This may sound like a lot, but we are in school approx. 9 months, so this is less than a box per month.

8 large packs of baby wipe refills – Store brands work fine. We use them for face washing after breakfast and lunch, after brushing teeth, after coming in from the playground or gym, and to keep our desktops clean. Our class does have very good attendance and few colds. Part of this is due to good housekeeping & keeping germs down. Students who need toileting help will need more for that purpose.

1 set of headphones - for computer and iPad use. Think about your child when deciding on type. Do they prefer ear-buds, or the type on a headband? Do they tend to handle things roughly? Please put their name on their headphones.

We have plenty of paper, spiral notebooks, crayons, folders, binders, glue, water color paints, and scissors. Thanks!!!

2 inch or 3 inch binder (zippered ones seem to work best)

Dividers for binder

2 composition books

Blue 2-pocket folder with prongs

Loose leaf paper (2 packages)

24 Pencils or erasable pens

Coloring supplies – crayons, color pencils, markers

Pencil Case (zippered)


Basic Calculator (with square root key, not scientific)

Ear buds

Girls – 1 bag of candy (Nut free)

Boys – Roll of paper towels

2 containers of sanitize wipes

2 Boxes of tissues

Backpack (Must fit in narrow locker/no wheels)

3 Ring Binder (1 ½ in. nothing larger)

4 Pocket Folders

#2 Sharpened Pencils (2 dozen) (mechanical preferred)

1 Package of Pencil Top Erasers

Pencil Bag/Box

Colored Pencils

3 Composition Notebooks

Boxes of Facial Tissue (3)

Calculator (non-scientific)

Yellow Highlighters (2)

Gym Shoes (Must have non-marking soles)

Headphones/Ear buds

Pencil Sharpener

Hard Candy

Large 3 Ring Binder (Minimum 2 inch rings)

1½ or 2 inch 3 Ring Binder for Science and Social Studies

3 ring Notebook Paper (Minimum 250 sheets)

4 Pocket Folders with prongs or clips to hold paper (3)

Sharpened Pencils

Erasers (Pencil Top)

Pencil Pouch for Binder

Colored Pencils


Large Spiral Notebook

Facial Tissues (3 boxes)

Ball Point Pens

Calculator (VERY important) – with fraction key

Highlighters (2)

Bag of hard candy or suckers (no gum, please)

Ear Buds/Headphones